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Sponsors / Supporters

Listed below are our sponsors and supporters that have contributed in either main sponsorship or helped us in some small way.  We both thank them on your behalf for their support.  We look forward to working with these charitable companies in the future. 

1.  Sponsors

Our main sponsors this year are shown below, they have been with us for a few years now and we all appreciate the support they give us to enable this competition to go ahead and also help in the raising of money through the raffle for both our charities.   

ace catering.gif
ATPB Ltd.png
Lac Soupir.png
Lane Skillen Logo.jpg
J Button Construction.png

2.  Supporters

We also have what we call 'Supporters' of the event, these companies help in obtaining the trophies, clothing, embroidery, scales and small prizes for this year's event.     

abbey - Copy.png
Just Stitched Up.png
Reuben Heaton.jpg

3.  In the Past

Over the past few years we have had support from the following:

Surrey Steel.jpg
Ultimate Decor.png
Ctrack Logo.jpg

All of our Sponsors / Supporters are hugely welcomed and thanked for their support both now and in years past when they have helped the event.  Without you the event wouldnt have grown up to be what it is today.

You have all helped and we want to say a massive set of thanks to each and everyone of you.

If your interested in helping support or sponsor a Lake for this years competition please get in touch.

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