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Over the next few pages you can look at the overall history of the event and watch how it grew over the years.

We initially started in 2009, on just one lake, Heron but as the word spread so did the need for more lakes and by the event in 2014 we had positioned 50 x swims and filled all five lakes that were on offer at Abbey at the time.  For some help in looking or deciding which swim to choose, we would advise you take a look at the spread sheets for the last 4 years as the lake swim numbers have remained constant, also you can match this with the lake pegging on the VENUE tab. 

Since 2014 the pegging has really not changed at all, looking back we have exactly the right amount with those 50 pegs as there is 'rarely' a problem with pegs or boundaries.

On the Results page you can see where the event has been won from over the years, with a full list of all pegs and their catch.  Whilst on the Pairs & Teams pages it shows all the pictures of each winner and from what lakes.

Finally a page dedicated to the Biggest Fish winners and some truly memorable fish captures we have had.

You can download the excel spreadsheets allowing you to do your own homework on each lake and just what sort of fish you'd like to catch.

If you have any questions then please just ask away?


Russ & Tim



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