Team Champions 2012+

The coverted title of FCC Team Champions is extremely well sort after and very few have managed to achieved it in the past.
Here is a list of all those that have been crowned FCC Team Champions since we started the team event in 2012.
Team winners - Copy.jpg
1.  FCC 2012 Team Winners.JPG

2012 FCC Team Champions

"Pursuit Baits"

Tom, Thomas, Chris, Andy

2.  FCC 2013 Team Winners.JPG

2013 FCC Team Champions

"The Jokers"

Alan, Rob, Justin, Les

3.  FCC 2014 Team Winners.jpg

2014 FCC Team Champions

"The Motherhookers"

Mick, Darryl, Trev, Harry,

4.  FCC 2015 Team Winners.JPG

2015 FCC Team Champions

"The Motherhookers"

Darryl, Mick, Trev, Harry

5.  FCC 2016 Team Winners.JPG

2016 FCC Team Champions

"The Jokers"

Alan, Justin, Les, Rob

6.  FCC 2017 Team Winners.jpg

2017 FCC Team Champions

"Carpaholics Anonymous"

Matt, Anthony, Ralph, Kevin

7.  FCC 2018 Team Winners.JPG

2018 FCC Team Champions

"Carpaholics Anonymous"

Neil, Ralph, Anthony, Matt

IMG_0167 - Copy.JPG

2019 FCC Team Champions

"Sharm Bombs"

Miranda, Geoff, Shaun, Becky