The FCC Team

Who are they?


Although the FCC is widely supported by all serving & ex-Serving members of the Forces & Emergency Services the team that actually, plans, organises and runs the event is very small and all the work is completed in their own time.

So lets meet the team that not only bring the FCC but also now the FCC - UK, they are as follows: 



RUSS MARSH - the Major

Russ came on board with Tim back in late 2008 and had some designs of his own to help the event progress and move forward.  He has been a massive inspiration in helping develop the FCC into what it is today.  Using his years of Service within the Military and his organisational skills it has moved the whole event forward.

He is an keen carper himself and always try's to put himself in the anglers place, ensuring that they will be happy.  He's often seen fishing at the side of Tim



TIM GRAY - the Sergeant Major

Tim has been organising and running carp events for the last 20 years, from small intimate events with 5 anglers right up to the World Carp Classic in 2006 with 175 x pairs (350 anglers), which at the time was the biggest event around.

He ran the BACC - British Army Carp Classic from 2001 until 2008, when the event was getting too big for him alone to run & organise.  In late 2008 Russ came on board to help him, they turned the BACC into a new event the Forces Carp Classic (FCC) which has run annually since then.  It has grown from some 25 anglers in the beginning to the current 100 anglers who attend each year.

Tim is a keen carp angler and try's to have a couple of overnighters each week at his local lake and at least 1 x trip to France fishing each year.

Zippy 2 .jpg

IT Manager


Mark has only recently joined the FCC Team, in fact just over the past two years to be accurate.  Mark or Zippy runs his own Web Design Company and has been looking after the FCC website for a few years now.

His company is also the writers off the On-line automatic scoring system that was designed & based around the FCC. 

Again Zippy is a keen angler himself, if he's not sat behind a computer he'll be sat behind his rods.!!


Catering Manager


Roger joined the FCC Team a few years back and since that time, has certainly provided some fantastic meals. 

He had previously served with Russ when in the Army and had been a Head Chef for many years.  He ensures that whilst Russ & Tim run around with the event, they are fed and watered upon their return.  He has certainly become a rock solid part of the background team.

Another person within the team that is also a keen carp angler, when not helping at the FCC Roger can be found at his beloved Horseshoe Lake.




Michael Wright is Tim's Dad and has been coming to the FCC now for many years, with a few breaks in between due to poor health.  He has been taken into the FCC family by all the anglers with nearly all of them calling him "DAD" or "FCC DAD".

He loves assisting with whatever he can do and will often be found wondering the lakes, talking to all the anglers during the competition, although be warned his ability to have a drink at 'every' swim is dropping off now.!!

He brings home made Pickles and Mustard / Horseradish to each event to help raise money for GOSH & BLESMA.

You'll love him, we all love him and of course I love him (TG).


Charity Manager

Leslie Wright

Les is a family friend of Tim's who has supported the event since its beginnings back in 2001.

He has many contacts within the angling community and very close tie's with NASH Tackle one of our major Sponsors.  He deals with all the collection and speaking to company's regarding their support to both the FCC and the FCC-UK events.  Without his support we would not have been able to raise the large amount that we have.

A keen carp angler and is often found out fishing in Kent & Essex.


Camp Manager


Ian or Huggy as many people call him, only came on to the background team here at the FCC a couple of years ago. 

It was a time when Russ and Tim released they needed to be able to have a break from the constant weighing of fish during the event.  With Huggy taking on the role as Camp Manager/Head Marshall he allowed them both to have a rest.  He has proved himself a great asset to the team and handles the young marshal's extremely well.

A serious carp angler with many years of experience which was supported by nearly 5 years in France as a bailiff.


Medical Emergency Manager

Paul Dukes

Paul join the team some time ago but as an angler initially.

A keen carp anglers who normally does fish the event as well as our Medic Cover.  He is a trained Medic and provides all the extra support that the event needs in way of Medical Cover.  Most anglers fishing due to their previous Service have basic medical skills (if required in an emergency) but having a better highly trained Paramedic on call is esential.

A serious carp angler with many years of experience who has fished the event many times with his son.

We cannot thank all of our team enough as without there support and dedication the event would be a lot harder to manage for Russ and myself, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Please also remember that all team members give up their spare time to help run this event just as we do, so please bear this in mind when discussing items with them.


Russ & Tim


Forces Carp Classic