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This page provides Excel spread sheets with all the previous results since the first event in 2009.  As the event grew we went from a small amount of pairs till we reached 50 x pegs in 2014.  So the pegging since that time has changed very rarely and we will never go over 50 pegs as we believe that is the correct and maximum amount that the five lakes at Abbey can hold. 

Weights by Year

FCC 2009
FCC 2010
FCC 2011
FCC 2012
FCC 2013
FCC 2014
FCC 2015
FCC 2016
FCC 2017
FCC 2018
FCC 2019
FCC 2020
FCC 2021
FCC 2022

We also held 2 x events in the Summer at Abbey in 2014 & 15

FCC 2014s
FCC 2015s

300lb + Weights

Roll of Honour

Weights 1st-3rd

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